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About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Linda Kim, and I sometimes go by fruitybandit.

I recently graduated from University of Kentucky with a bachelor's degree in Marketing with minors in Art Studio and Digital Media & Design. I dedicate most of my time to creative projects, photo shoots, and editing. I am very passionate about design and digital art, and lucky to have people in my life who inspire me to make new content everyday.

My hope is to see my designs come to fruition in an intentional, everyday way; I want to take complex, new ideas and communicate them fluidly through my designs.


I have experience working as the student graphic designer for the University of Kentucky College of Public Health where I designed multiple issues of the alumni magazine "CATalyst." I served as a social media intern with UK Libraries and UK Inclusive Excellence and Diversity Education Office, constructing and managing social media and monitoring analytics. Alongside these positions, I have worked as a designer on the campus fashion magazine "KRNL Lifestyle + Fashion."

After graduation, I worked full time as the Digital Media Designer for FIT by Katy. This was a women-based and led fitness application, that offers training programs and nutritional guidance for women interested in strength training. During my time there, I designed social media graphics, emails, and other promotional materials for the company. 


I am seeking to continue full-time work in graphic design, and hope to use my designs to help individuals and businesses with their branding needs.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.


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